Welcome to the DIY Wardrobes Information Centre

diywardrobes.co.uk is a service from Ambisaw Ltd. Ambisaw supplies web technology to the panel product processing industry and our systems have been used to process thousands of orders.

We’ve used our technology to make ordering custom size cabinets and wardrobes over the Internet as quick and easy as possible.

When you design your cabinets online at www.diywardrobes.co.uk we do all the work to drive computer controlled cutting machinery to give you exactly what you asked for to within a 0.1mm accuracy. Our aim is to give you a comprehensive set of parts to build your cabinets with confidence and pleasure!

What is bespoke fitted furniture?

Bespoke fitted furniture is furniture made exactly for the space in which it is installed.

Made to fit a space means:

  • for floor to ceiling units the height is the exact floor to ceiling height (minus a space to make the fitting easier but then you will get an exact size filler piece for the gap)
  • for units under a sloping ceiling the angle is chosen to exactly match the sloping ceiling
  • the units have cutouts for the socket/pipes etc that may be in the room
  • choose any material you like
  • mix the materials as you please (different materials for doors, cabinets, drawers etc)
  • integrate the features that you want e.g shoe racks, TVs, ironing boards etc
  • all the material preparation is done in the factory not on site so the finishing quality is high

There are two types of furniture that sometimes get confused with the term ‘bespoke’:

  • off the shelf furniture (e.g Ikea) that has been modified by a carpenter. Typically off the shelf furniture has been designed for mass production and ease of transport so it lacks the structural integrity to tolerate substantial modification.
  • custom size furniture. Large parts of the furniture supply chain don’t want to hold stock so the furniture only gets made when there is a customer order. Within this system is the opportunity to customise the height, width and depth dimensions so it starts to offer some of the sizing benefits of bespoke.

Which material is good for wardrobes?

Often people will ask us which is the best material for making wardrobes.

The short answer is:

“The best material to use for fitted wardrobes is 18mm thick Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC)”

0Wardrobe in white MFC comprising two sets of hanging space and a central cabinet with shelves

We can make your wardrobes in a wide range of materials ranging from MDF to real wood veneers to high gloss acrylic. What makes MFC ‘best’?

Short answer again:

  • appearance
  • quality
  • cost

But I want my wardrobes in real wood!

Real wood is used to a much lesser extent in fitted furniture. This is because

  • real wood is expensive
  • it needs finishing (varnish etc)
  • it can move/bend if used in solid pieces.

Wood movement can be mitigated by using real wood veneers with an MDF core. But even then the relative increased cost and the need for finish means MFC is preferred.

Tambour kitchen cupboard door

A tambour door is one that rolls up. This is an ideal solution for a cupboard with items which are frequently used during cooking or baking as content is accessible whilst the door is up – without a door being in the way. Once the tambour door is down, all is hidden and out of sight.

A tambour door works well as well as a door for a wall-hung unit that comes right down on  to the worktop – i.e. toaster or kettle on the worktop are quickly hidden behind the roll-up door for a clean-look kitchen counter.

Denim blue walk-in wardrobe

Anna designed this contemporary walk-in wardrobe. It features Winchester Oak carcasses from Egger (H1381 ST11) and Denim (U540 ST9) frontages.


It comprises of 9 separate cabinets.