DIY Wardrobe Plans Sample Sample

Our online wardrobe design system at generates plans for your very own DIY wardrobe.

Take a look at a sample plan generated by the system. (We say this is a sample but actually it’s a plan generated by a customer using the system):

View/Download the plan for the above wardrobe*.

The plan contains:

  • Step by step pictorial build sequence instructions
  • A cutting list for all the panels
  • Info on construction techniques

And recognising that it is daunting for the DIYer to cut all the large panels to build the wardrobe carcass we also deliver a kit of cut to size parts for your design too!

Our computer controlled production machinery can process over 400 different materials including white melamine, real wood veneered MDF, high gloss boards and good old plain MDF for you to paint yourself.

Is it expensive? Generally it costs more than buying on the high street but less than getting in a carpenter (because you do the assembly yourself although you could ask said carpenter to assemble it for you).
And the cost will be a fraction of the price charged by any of the companies that offer to come to your home, measure and install.
Quality-wise we use the best materials (e.g. 18mm thick rather than 15mm thick panels and hi-spec hardware) so the value for money is in a different league to any of the other options just mentioned.

If you decide to go ahead with the design we’ll send the kit of parts to your door in around 14 days (quicker if you are in a hurry). So a custom sized wardrobe kit to your own design delivered quicker than if you bought something fixed size on the high street.

Sounds good? Then head over to now, enter your measurements into our automated system and get a design – and price – in minutes.

*Please note plans for you own design only become available after submitting your order.

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