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Bespoke cabinetry led by you

Design your cabinetry online, get immediate pricing and have your designs manufactured within a month.

From freestanding or DIY fitted wardrobes to cabinetry for specialised applications our service enables you to specify and get what you need.

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Your Design, High Quality Materials, Perfectly Processed

It starts with your wish to create bespoke fitted furniture. We have the design tools on our website that you can use to realise workable designs. We then manufacture a kit of parts designed for accurate on-site construction.

Why choose us for your fitted furniture? For the results and the process

Why choose us

Welcome, Thinkers and Doers

For many customers this will be the first time they have embarked on a fitted furniture project and this is the service for you. Bring your ideas and the desire to be hands-on and we will provide you with what you need.

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We are the Robots

Fitted furniture manufacture requires automation. We've got that covered and we can tell you how we've made it revolve around you

We are the Robots

We've worked with a wide range of different customers - let's talk!

We can provide an engaging experience no matter who you are or your experience level. It's bespoke furniture that we do and we are uncompromising in our approach so it's fantastic for the customer looking for the bespoke solution but by definition that may mean not so good for other customers. Are we the one for you?

Who we work with

Measure - Manage - Master

Everyone loves a 3-step process. We think ours makes sense for customer centric bespoke furniture

Measure - Manage - Master