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    How can I get an idea on price before going into the detail?

    Go to ‘Cabinet Designer’ and enter some rough figures for width, height and depth. Our system will instantly create a design and indicate the cost. If you would like to add some specifics, go through the list of options in the Cabinet Designer, i.e. angles, door options, shelves, materials, etc. and select as needed. Again, clicking on ‘Preview Cabinet’ will show you an estimated cost.

    Can I see my design before ordering?

    Yes. After having entered some measurements, at every step of the way an image for your design is created. You can generate a report for emailing/printing and even save it to Pinterest if you wish.

    Is there a minimum order?

    There is no minimum order.

    What are your lead times?

    Lead times are 4-5 weeks. If you require your cabinets sooner, there is a Premium Service.

    How are you different from a carpenter?

    Your order is processed and cut on a CNC (computer numerically controlled) machine, that cuts down to 0.1mm accuracy. The cabinets are a ‘factory finish’ that can only be attained using high quality production-grade machines. A factory finish means that we can use a wide range of materials including high gloss acrylics and high-end lacquered finishes.

    How are you different from a company that comes in to discuss ideas and measures up for me?

    You are looking for a project? This is your project from start to finish. Through you can work on the design of your cabinets yourself, at the time that suits you, for as long as suits you. On delivery of the flat packed materials and hardware your design turns into reality. You made it happen.

    I would like my cabinets to match my walls/ my sofa/ my dog.

    Very en vogue. Have you got your colour name or number? We can source a wide range of materials to create your design. Usually the best place to start is reviewing our collection of materials on the website.
    We can work from colour codes of popular paint manufacturers such as Farrow & Ball or Lttle Greene. Note that when we do a colour match, it is lacquer rather than paint. Lacquer has advantages for longevity and has a high quality, smooth finish.

    I can't find the material I am looking for on your website.

    As a starting point check the melamine eurodekkor range here:

    How can I get a sample?

    Please send us an email with your sample request and we will put the desired samples in the post to you. If you have chosen material from the Egger website, please tell us the colour name and code.

    I would like to order the ‘teenager’s bedroom furniture’ that is shown in your gallery.

    Every design is unique and customer generated. If you would like to use a previous project as the starting point for your own please contact us and we'll pull together the elements for you then to customise further.

    Which material should I choose for my wardrobe?

    White Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC) 18mm thick is the most common choice. MFC is also available in a range of colours and woodgrains. MFCs in the grey colour range are popular at the moment. You can review our material range here.
    We do have enquiries regarding the quality of MFC but rest assured that state of the art manufacturing processes have got it covered. Read more here

    Is MDF good for making wardrobes?

    Good quality 18mm thick MDF is a good material for making wardrobes to be painted. MDF is a smooth substrate for paint and as a man-made material it won't warp. The only issue with painting MDF is the preparation required to get the rough edges looking nice but in our production process we seal and radius the edges so all the paint preparation is done for you.
    If you are not looking to paint though you should choose MFC.