The step forward in customer led bespoke cabinetry
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  • Ambisaw Ltd
    Basing House
    43 High Street
    WD3 1HP, UK
    (Please note: this address is just administrative and not helpful in the slightest to helping you get the wardrobes you want. Read on to learn why...)

    Telephone 020 7993 6445 (extremely helpful) 10am-3pm Monday to Friday

    VAT Registration number 162 0430 52

    We make and sell customer designed fitted furniture using the latest production machinery. As we make rather than resell standard furniture our operation has been accredited by the Guild of Master craftsmen.

    Our ordering and design system is completely web-based and the workshop/production machinery we use to fulfill your order can come from one of a number of workshops located around the UK.

    We welcome both trade and retail customers.

    More about us...

    Fortschritt Bespoke Cabinetry is a business within our main company Ambisaw Ltd. Ambisaw creates design and production management systems for the wood processing industry and has a number of Licensees in the UK and abroad. These Licensees in turn supply production facilities to companies creating bespoke kitchens and furniture.

    With Fortschritt we have implemented a system where individual customer orders through this website run on the back of large production jobs in our Licensees workshops.

    Our aim is to make production of custom one-offs affordable.

    Through our Licensees and other partners we can offer a huge range of materials and fittings. All the materials in our cabinets are manufactured either in the UK or EU. Only FSC approved materials are used so you can be assured that everything is ethically sourced without endangering the habitats of Orangutangs.

    If you want cheap wardrobes you are probably best going to Argos.

    If you want excellent value for money wardrobes to your own design, made from the highest quality materials processed on some of the best machinery available then you will be interested in what we have to offer.

    Fortschritt Bespoke Cabinetry is run by Andrew Moran. You can email Andrew directly: If you have any questions then please contact us on 020 7993 6445

    DIY Wardrobes
    We previously traded under the name DIY Wardrobes and remains our web address. We've changed the trading name after several years to a trading name that better captures what we do (and what we have done). Fortschritt is a German word as is all the equipment used to process your order but all the processing is done in UK factories.
    Fortschritt Bespoke Cabinetry - the step forward in customer led bespoke cabinetry