About Us

We started off making technology for the wood processing industry - the Processors. Our Processors operate state of the art manufacturing operations and we supply software to manage workflow and drive the machines.

With the Fortschritt Bespoke Cabinetry service we then became the customer of our Processor customers.

The Processors would rather not talk to you. Whilst of course they are lovely people, they want to concentrate on their core activities and work with a narrow range of fellow industry professionals.

Our service establishes a link between you and the Processors. With our Cabinet Designer and Cabinet Planner design tools together with the resources on our website, you can design cabinetry that can be manufactured efficiently. Our back end systems drive the machinery to such fine detail that the operators loading the machines in the factory have no idea what the machines will produce. This arrangement actually suits everybody.

And of course we are very pleased to speak with you. Many of our customers have never embarked on a fitted furniture project before and that is not a problem. Is it possible to create professional results from a standing start? Absolutely. Let’s face it, determining how many drawers and much hanging space you need is not open heart surgery (and a hello to all our customers in the medical field). Our machining is intended to make installation an assembly task rather than a carpentry task.

From your point of view the process becomes Measure - Manage - Master. Clearly you need to start with some measurements but after that it becomes a case of evaluating what combination of cabinetry best suites your needs and budget. That’s a management task and in effect a skill many of our customers can transfer from their day jobs. You may be a Master of the Universe during the week but come the weekend you have a DIY list just like everybody else (and a hello to our banking and finance customers)

Importantly, we hope the process is rewarding and that’s where the ‘Master’ step comes in. By us getting the basics right for you (put away that saw) you can concentrate on the finesse of things like where cabinet meets wall and get to play with the latest furniture technology. Many customers have never given a second thought to a drawer runner but the technology in a Blum Movento TIP-Blumotion runner is something to behold and it will give a lifetime of service. We’ve all encountered a drawer that doesn’t work well, so we then avoid opening it unless we really have to. Our cabinetry completely turns that situation on its head and trying to avoid getting too lyrical, but the beauty is in the detail.

We have complete control over the process of manufacture so our operation has been accredited by two manufacturing based organisations - Made in Britain and the Guild of Master craftsmen. Our Processors may not be big on the technology but they are experts on manufacturing so the quality of the processing is literally unsurpassed and the results are intended to last a lifetime. You won’t be left with a problem because the factory fails to understand the finesse required to setup an edge-banding machine.

We welcome both trade and retail customers.

Our aim is to make production of custom one-offs affordable.

We can offer a huge range of materials and fittings and ensure it all works together in a bespoke installation. All the materials in our cabinets are manufactured either in the UK or EU. Only FSC approved materials are used so you can be assured that everything is ethically sourced without endangering the habitats of Orangutangs.

If you want excellent value for money wardrobes to your own design, made from the highest quality materials processed on some of the best machinery available then you will be interested in what we have to offer.

Fortschritt Bespoke Cabinetry is run by Andrew Moran. You can email Andrew directly: ajm@diywardrobes.co.uk. If you have any questions then please contact us on 020 7993 6445

DIY Wardrobes We previously traded under the name DIY Wardrobes and www.diywardrobes.co.uk remains our web address. We’ve changed the trading name after several years to a trading name that better captures what we do (and what we have done). Fortschritt is a German word as is all the equipment used to process your order but all the processing is done in UK factories. Fortschritt Bespoke Cabinetry - the step forward in customer led bespoke cabinetry