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    Can I build my own fitted wardrobes?

    If you are prepared to work methodically, have at least a cordless drill/screwdriver and can plan your project to avoid having to do any cuts on visible panels then the answer is certainly yes. For someone who doesn't fit wardrobes everyday, a successful outcome follows if the project is an "assembly task" rather than a "carpentry task".
    A carpentry task is something like hanging a room door in a frame where hinges mortices need to be chopped out and the work needs to be plumb and true, something that benefits from formal training and years of experience.
    Assembly our cabinetry is much simpler because we pre-drill for 8mm wooden dowels which aligns all the parts of the cabinet. And because we use 18mm thick back panels, once the screws are tightened the cabinet can only adopt a square and true shape.
    With our service you are buying an integrated cabinetry system:

  • all panels labelled and pre-drilled for dowels so aligning the panels is straightforward
  • integrated height adjusters make it easy to level the cabinets
  • pre-drilling for fittings means you just need to plug in the fittings and go. Doors just attach to the cabinet and drawer faces attach to drawer boxes with micro-adjusters
  • everything just works because of the preparation we've done in the factory. And if you do need to make adjustments to the way a door hangs, because we have used top of the line fittings the adjustability and ease of use far surpasses that used in mass manufacture items.
  • Do I have the skills to build my own fitted wardrobes?

    Let's face it - building wardrobes is not as complex as open heart surgery. If you have the will then we have the way. Our aim is to 'de-skill' the building process as much as possible by doing anything complex beforehand in the factory. The skills we like to see from customers are thinking through the storage needed, the mixture of materials to use and how to build the project quickly (e.g. ask us to do plug socket cutouts) to produce an end result that is anything but de-skilled. You can use your professionalism from a totally different discipline to help all that and hopefully it is an interesting intellectual distraction from your regular working day.
    By the way, we have plenty of customers from the medical profession including heart surgeons who have produced excellent installations for their home projects.

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