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  • The Cabinet Designer draws a scale representation of the cabinet you are ordering. Enter the sizes, number of doors and so on at the prompts below and you get an instant image of what your cabinet will look like. You can even get advice on how to assemble it by pressing the 'See an animation of the build sequence' link. When you are happy with your design press the 'Add Cabinet to My Order' button. On the My Order page you can drag and drop the individual cabinets to configure your design.
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    All measurements in millimeters

    Bottom position?
    Finished Floor Level?

    Cabinet name

    Angled Cabinet Options
    Corner Cabinet
    Slope cabinets left to right (or right to left)
    Height Left
    Height Right
    Width Flat Section

    Slope cabinets front to back
    Height Back

    Door Options
    Number of doors required:
    No door
    One door
    Two doors

    Need more doors?
    Type of door:
    Overlay doors (default)
    Inset doors
    Sliding doors
    Pocket doors (cabinet height <1200mm)
    Door opening action:
    Blumotion (slow closing)
    Tip-On (push to open)
    Wide angle
    Heavy duty
    Traditional frame and panel doors?
    Online pricing for frame and panel is only applicable for MDF. If you select a wood grain we need to use solid wood and we will need to cost this separately.
    Frame width
    Mid-rail position (0 for no mid-rail)

    Doors - divide vertically

    Corner Door Offset

    Shelf Options
    Number shelves 0 10?

    Shelf offset?

    Shelf thickness

    Drill additional shelf stud positions?
    Shelf stud spacing

    Heavy duty adjustable metal shelf strip?

    Shelf Grid 1 10?

    Shelf spacing

    Table of shelf spacings and height above floor level

    Press the 'Equal spaced shelves' button to automatically set the above shelf spacings. Alternatively enter the particular shelf spacings you want in the boxes above. As the individual spacings change the final shelf spacing is automatically calculated. If the last spacing comes out negative this means the shelves don't fit and the other spacings need to be reduced.

    Divider Options
    Divider space ?
    If cabinet is to have shelves/internal drawers you can specify whether they are positioned on the left or right side of the divider

    Drawer Options
    Number drawers 0 20?

    Drawers at top?

    Double drawers?


    Zero protrusion hinges

    Upgrade to Blum TANDEM/Movento?
    Drawer opening action:
    Blumotion (slow closing)
    Tip-On (push to open)
    Heavy Duty

    Drawer box material thickness?

    Drawer height?

    Drawer proportions?

    Runner length
    Number of
    hanging rails 0 4?
    The recommended fixings to assemble your cabinets are carcass screws which we supply. The additional recommended options below will make assembly much easier.
    Bore hinge holes (recommended)
    Dowels (recommended)
    Drawer box cam dowels (recommended)
    Clearance top?

    Clearance bottom?

    Clearance sides?

    Vertical separation (between multiple drawers/doors)


    Material swatches

    If material is set to 'NONE' we'll assume that to be 18MM thick unfinished MDF.
    Material for front

    Material for carcass

    Add overlapping top and rails?
    Amount of overlap left, right, back, front (leave blank for defaults)

    Replace top with rails?

    Replace bottom with rails?

    Replace back with rails?

    Face frames and finishing
    In frame
    Face frame
    Scribe pieces?
    End panel?
    Skirting notch?

    Wireframe view?
    Draw Elevation?
    Hide Frontages?


    Want to save your design to work on it later?

    Working on something big or want to create a collection of cabinet designs?
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