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Get a quote for your cabinetry requirements in minutes

We understand that the first part of any project is getting a broad idea of costs.

We have fully-featured design tools on this website that generate prices immediately but to get an idea of prices as fast as possible here is our fast quote tool.

Just enter overall measurements for your project and we will suggest some cabinetry and give a price estimate. The fast quote tool uses the same design and pricing engine as the rest of our service but to ensure you only need to enter the minimum amount of information we need to make some assumptions so therefore the result produced is an estimate. However once you have the estimate you make make a judgement as to whether to continue with our system and get into the detailed designing and pricing.

The default measurements assume you want to create a run of built-in cabinets to make a wardrobe. However enter whatever measurements you want and we will work out whether it is a single cabinet or a run of cabinets.

More info and limitations
How accurate is the quote? Fast Quote uses the same system as we use to calculate all our prices so you can be sure that the price is calculated scientifically.
The quote reflects the amount of material required, the type of material and the complexity of machining. Because the range of materials we offer is wide and the number of customisation possibilities is vast, the price can only be considered final once all your requirements have been reflected.
If you are 100% happy with what Fast Quote produces then great, add it to your order, submit it, we will then check and apply delivery charge, pay and we'll get on it. However in 90% of cases customers want to customise further so the quote will move accordingly.
I have a sloping ceiling The Fast Quote just deals with rectangular spaces. For angled spaces we need more information which you can enter into the Cabinet Planner to generate your quote I need different types of cabinets to those suggested by the Fast Quote tool To make Fast Quote fast we need to make assumptions. You can click on the view/edit link to customise the cabinetry produced by Fast Quote or alternatively select one of the cabinet templates and edit it in the Cabinet Designer I want to change materials Fast Quote assumes 18mm thick white melamine. After generating the initial quote you can click on the view/edit link for each cabinet to change the materials. You can view the complete range of materials here
All measurements are in millimetres
The overall width. If the cabinets were for an alcove this would be the wall to wall measurement
Usually for floor to ceiling fitted furniture this will be the floor to ceiling height (UK average is around 2400mm)
Built in furniture is typically 500mm - 650mm deep
Select whether the cabinetry will have drawers. We will add drawers where we determine appropriate just to give an idea of cost

Total cost £{{totalcost}} ex VAT & Delivery

Scroll down to see images of the cabinets

What's next?

If the set of generated cabinetry mostly meets your needs, add them to your order and then you can then bring them into the Cabinet Designer for further customisation. With the Cabinet Designer you can fine tune sizes, adjust the number of drawers/shelves etc and choose materials.

Alternatively now that you have an idea of prices you can start your bespoke design from scratch to have complete control over all the cabinetry details:
- For angled cabinetry e.g. under stairs or under a sloping ceiling we recommend the Cabinet Planner to calculate the progression of cabinet sizes needed as a first step.
- In the Template Cabinets section we list a wide range of different cabinet configurations. Select the closest to your needs and then customise further in the Cabinet Designer
- Or simply go to the Cabinet Designer and go through all the options

Add cabinets to order Start an angled design in Cabinet Planner Review Template Cabinets