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  • You can use our bespoke cabinetry service to create cabinets for your wallbed mechanism.

    Wallbeds are an effective way to use room space especially in multi-purpose rooms where a room is usually used as a home office but you want to also offer an comfortable guest room.

    The starting point of any wallbed design is the wallbed mechanism. We have partnered with the leading UK wallbed company Hideaway Beds who offer a range of quality wallbed mechanisms.

    You choose the wallbed mechanism based on size and features and the Hideaway Beds website has plenty of information on that. Because we make bespoke cabinetry we can create something to house your wallbed no matter which mechanism you choose.

    However there are a number of considerations for your overall room design:

  • A wallbed is a large item which will be covered by two doors. For a double bed then you will need a cabinet 1500mm wide which means two 750mm wide doors of around 2000mm height.
  • Where do the doors go when the bed is in use? The straightforward option is just open the doors to 90 degrees and use the bed. That works but it is not particularly elegant.
  • Sliding doors are a solution and can be used with dual purpose. They slide out of the way when the bed is pulled down and in this position the doors can also cover your shelves if you decide to have shelf units either side. Your room planning then needs to factor in two 750mm wide bookcases either side of the wallbed.