Cabinet Planner

Run of cabinets Planner

The run of cabinets planner is a tool to calculate individual cabinet sizes given an overall space to fill.
It factors in scribe (filler) pieces and calculates the exact cabinet widths needed when aiming for a series of 500/1000mm wide units.
This tool is particularly useful for calculating cabinet heights to fit under a sloping ceiling/stairs.
To use, select the type of space you have, then enter the parameters requested followed by the 'Calculate' button.

1. Select the type of space you have

  • No angles

  • Angled left

  • Angled right

  • Angled both sides

  • 2. Enter the space measurements

    Important: All measurements are in millimetres.

    This is the horizontal space you want to fill with cabinetry and we will work out the number of cabinets needed and their widths. The range will be from around 400mm (a single cabinet) to 3000mm or wider for a run of cabinets.
    A typical UK floor to ceiling measurement is in the range 2400mm - 2500mm
    A typical wardrobe depth is in the range 300mm - 650mm. For a coat hanger to fit the depth should be greater than 450mm
    Angle is
    Angle is
    Please check overall width / width of angled sections
    Scribes are filler pieces to cover the gap between cabinet and wall/ceiling.

    Number of unit widths
    Each unit width will be
    The number of unit widths determines how the space is divided horizontally. Generally this number should be selected to aim for a unit width - and therefore door width - of around 500mm. If this does not suit your application (wider or narrower doors are preferred) then manually set this number. Leave blank to get a suggested number of units. When we work out the number of cabinets required we will try to combine unit widths to create doubles where possible.
    After entering a new number press the Calculate button to see the results.
    Read more about planning cabinetry to fill a space in this download document

    3. Summary of cabinets required

    From the overall measurements entered above we have calculated the sizes of the cabinets required. Where it has been possible to combine cabinets to create double width cabinets we have done so.

    Next step: click on the View/edit buttons to load each cabinet into the Cabinet Designer and customise further by changing materials, features such as doors/drawers/shelves and fine tune the dimensions if needed.