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Add your favourite materials here after browsing the material list below. You can also populate the favourite materials by clicking on customer projects in the Gallery. Favourite materials are then used in the Cabinet Designer.

Choosing finishes and materials

The material list can be daunting but let's start with what we consider to be the starting point. White melamine faced chipboard (which we call simply White) is good quality, cost-effective and fits with lots of colour schemes.

If you would prefer a wood grain effect finish then something like our material 'Oak' is popular.

Beyond the melamines a material and aesthetic we find very popular is Birch Ply. This is a hardwood ply with pleasing laminations and typically an inset door configuration is used to show off the laminations.

Getting into the premium finishes, high gloss products include the lacquered boards and acrylic laminates. Usually with high gloss, a cheaper non-gloss material is used for the carcasses and just the frontages (doors and drawer faces) are in the high gloss.

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    Note: materials less than 18mm thick are not recommended for carcassing and doors
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