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  • DIY Wardrobes provides the discerning DIYer with all they need to build their own made to measure fitted or freestanding wardrobes and cabinetry.

    Why compromise with standard sizes when you can design, get a price in minutes and order your own bespoke cabinets here.

    Built in wardrobe made up of seven separate cabinets
    Large Cabinet in MDF with frame and panel effect doors
    Bedroom built-in cabinetry under a sloping ceiling
    Bedroom built-in cabinetry under a sloping ceiling
    Bedroom built-in cabinetry under a sloping ceiling (Maple MFC and solid Maple frame and panel doors)
    Bedroom built-in cabinetry under a sloping ceiling (Maple MFC and solid Maple frame and panel doors)
    Kitchen Cabinet made up of two 250mm deep and one 450mm cabinets
    High gloss acrylic front on Birch Ply carcass with push to open doors and drawers
    Modular bookshelf made up of stackable 250mm wide by 350mm high cabinets

    How it works...

    DIY fitted wardrobe
    You design the cabinets online.
    Our system starts with a picture of a cabinet. Enter your desired width, height, depth and our system draws exactly what you are going to get. Select doors, shelves, drawers as needed.
    Beam Saw used to cut wardrobe parts
    We Cut all the parts to size in 18mm thick material. Choose MDF, Laminates or real wood veneer.
    Using our computer controlled cutting machinery all parts of the design will be cut to an accuracy of 0.1mm.
    DIY wardrobe parts delivery
    We deliver the kit of parts, including high quality hinges and drawer runners as appropriate.
    Building a kitchen storage unit
    You build it!
    Our design tool generates a parts list, a build animation and outline instructions. All the parts are labelled so just follow the construction sequence.

    Getting Started...

    To start designing straight away go to the Cabinet Designer.

    See some template cabinet designs to get an idea of costs Template Cabinets.

    Visit the Information Centre to see wardrobes designed with the system and how you go about fitting them.
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    In the Cabinet Designer, pressing the 'Preview Cabinet' button will show you exactly what your cabinet design will look like. When you are happy with the design you can add it to your order. Press the 'Get Quote' button and you are done! We'll respond with a quote and then if you'd like to go ahead all the parts for your cabinets will be cut to an accuracy of 0.1mm and delivered to your door by courier.

    Details, details, details...

    We all know that it's the details that make a project work. Here's how our system helps you with the details:

    If you want to discuss a project you have in mind then contact us at the email address below or on (UK Phone) 020 7993 6445

    Contact us at


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    We only use high quality materials. If you are going to invest your time in building don't you want top quality all round? Our drawer runners are Blum Tandem which offer either a slow closing or a push to open option.

    Cabinet Backs. Often in flatpack furniture kits the back panel is hardboard ranging from 3 to 8mm thickness. Our cabinets come with 18mm thick backs. This helps make the cabinet more sturdy, plus you can screw into it which pulls the whole cabinet assembly square.

    Edge banding. The edgebanding options range from 0.4mm thick (as commonly found on domestic furniture) to 2mm thick. The thicker edgebandings are more robust and give the final piece a more solid appearance.

    Delivery. Sending large precision cut panels around the country needs a lot of care in the packaging. Plus the materials used can get very heavy when making floor to ceiling built-ins. We build a crate around the kit to ensure it arrives at your house in the same condition as when it left the workshop.

    Costs. The cost depends on the quantity of material needed, the number of panels to edgeband, the number of drawers/doors (and therefore the quantity of fittings required) and costs to transport.

    Tools needed. Our built-ins are designed such that they can be assembled predominantly with screws and a cordless drill. To make the build easier a couple of clamps will help, ideally a couple of 'quick clamps' and sash clamps. To make the alignment of panels easier, we pre-route with provide 'Dominos'; these just slot in and you use the clamps/screws to bring the panels together.

    Measuring. You need to make allowances for your room being out of square; a 2000mm wide space at floor level could be 1990mm wide at ceiling level. And these kinds of variation can happen in houses both old and new. Therefore when measuring aim for an appropriate amount of contingency space all round, perhaps 100mm.

    Why custom built-in wardrobes? You get something that utilises available space fully, with the right combination of shelves and drawers. You have control over the quality. You're adding value to your home.