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    I'm interested, but can I build my own fitted wardrobes?

    We have designed our service around a three step process of Measure - Manage - Master

    The general rule for measuring up is that you measure, subtract some allowances in the height/width/depth and then order the cabinets slightly undersized. This guide has more details and also covers measuring up angled spaces such as under a sloping ceiling.

    Guide to measuring up for fitted furniture
    The process of deciding how to utlise your space and the combination of doors/drawers/shelves as well as materials we refer to as managing. With our production capability anything is possible so this process is about trying combinations in our Cabinet Designer tool and finding your balance between functionality, aesthetics and budget.
    The Cabinet Designer has a large number of parameters to customise your cabinetry. You can review the list of parameters here

    Interpreting drawings and using the Cabinet Designer/Cabinet Planner design tools
    After the Managing stage you'll have a clear idea of what your design will achieve and the Mastering stage is about the details of taking delivery through to final details of installation to achieve the quality levels expected of a bespoke installation


    Many of our customers have used our bespoke cabinetry service to create cabinetry for their wallbeds. Read more.

    Tool borrowing scheme

    We have a wide range of customers - some people/companies use our kits professionally and some are approaching this as a one-off project. We cater our service to all types of customers and when a customer may not own professional quality tools but would like to use them we offer a tool borrowing scheme.

    You don't need an extensive toolkit to build our cabinets - it can be done with just a basic cordless drill/driver. However sometimes it is just nicer to use professional quality tools!
    Better power, smoother action, longer battery life.
    For a one-off project (or what you think is just a one-off project, haha!) it might not be worth purchasing professional tools so that is where our tool borrowing scheme comes in.

    Also if you have particular situation to deal with and need special tools then we can probably help there too.
    We have curated a set of tools specifically chosen for building our bespoke cabinet kits. They have enough power to do the job, the convenience of being mostly cordless and are light enough to minimise fatigue which is a factor if your design includes a lot of high up fixing.

    The tools we offer include:

    Bosch 12V drill/driver kit Used for drilling pilot holes and screw-driving. The collection of chucks supplied allows you to change quickly between drilling and screw-driving and the right angle chuck allows you to get in tight spaces.
    Bessey sash clamps Sometimes you don't want any visible screws on a self-contained cabinet e.g. a bathroom cabinet. Sash clamps enable you to just use dowels and glue to assemble the cabinet. (Remember we do the dowelling in the factory). Our sash clamps are available in lengths up to 1.5metres which should accomodate the widest cabinet.
    Bosch 12V circular saw This is good for making cuts to fit angled end-panels for example. Usually angles are best done by us in the factory but sometimes to get that nice final fit you want to do it at install time. The nice thing about this battery powered circular saw is that it has enough power to cut 18mm thick material but would struggle to cut off your finger!
    Bosch 12V jigsaw saw Good for cutting irregular shapes such as around pipework. Once again if you can specify the cutouts needed we can do it in the factory and we offer the notch for skirting boards as a standard item but if it is best done at install time then this jigsaw is a good option.
    Fein Multimaster Another good tool for cutouts but also a very versatile tool with lots of cutting and sanding options.
    Costs for the tool borrowing scheme
    This is a borrowing scheme, not a hire scheme. You pay courier delivery/collection charges but that's it. However to make this scheme easy for us to administer we take the full new cost of the tools loaned as a deposit which is returned to you when the tools are returned.