The step forward in customer led bespoke cabinetry
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  • We do things differently and we've built our business for a particular type of customer. Let's see if our offer and approach resonates with you:

    You lead the design

    If you've got the ideas - and we can help crystallise your ideas - then we have the manufacturing capability to realise the furniture you want. We have the design tools on our website. These tools are designed to be used iteratively so that you can develop your design.
    Typically our customers have been mulling over a project for a while. We can turn those thoughts into high quality furniture.

    Online design tools

    Our design tools, principally the Cabinet Designer, enable you to develop sophisticated cabinetry interactively. You can vary materials and features and get price feedback immediately.
    The design tools are what our business is based around. Everything we make starts with these tools.

    Bespoke from scratch

    Our starting point in manufacture is a plain board. We don't customise standard designs so it is really starting from scratch. This means we have maximum scope to include the customisations you need.

    Scientific Pricing

    We are not cheap cheap - that wouldn't make sense when it is our aim to supply the highest quality materials customised to your specification. However our bespoke quoting system is very detailed and there is a solid reason for every cost itemisation generated so you can be sure it is fair. No finger in the air costing and no opaque 'job price'.