Installing Cinetto PS48 sliding door mechanism

The PS48 mechanism by Italian manufacturer Cinetto is a premium sliding door mechanism designed to attach to cabinetry rather than the room floor/sides. We pre-drill the top/bottom panels for the track mounting screws and we also drill the doors for the sliding carriages. Installation of the mechanism goes like this:

  • Place the plastic door stops in the top track. Tighten loosely with an allen key. Once the doors are on these stops will be adjusted by loosening the bolt and sliding the stop to it’s correct position.
  • Attach the top/bottom tracks using the supplied screws in the pre-drilled holes. Be careful not to overdrive the screws to avoid deforming the track.
  • Offer up the doors to the top track and click into place the guide wheels on the bottom track
  • Adjust the door stops on top track to constrain door movement as required

Cinetto PS10 - PS48 sliding door mechanism

Fitting PS48 mechanism

(Cinetto PS10 and PS48 mechanisms are equivalent except for the higher load rating of PS48)