Cabinetry for wallbeds

You can use our bespoke cabinetry service to create cabinets for your wallbed mechanism.

Wallbeds are an effective way to use room space especially in multi-purpose rooms where a room is usually used as a home office but you want to also offer a comfortable guest room.

The starting point of any wallbed design is the wallbed mechanism. We have partnered with the leading UK wallbed company Hideaway Beds who offer a range of quality wallbed mechanisms.

You choose the wallbed mechanism based on size and features and the Hideaway Beds website has plenty of information on that. Because we make bespoke cabinetry we can create something to house your wallbed no matter which mechanism you choose.

However there are a number of considerations for your overall room design:

  • A wallbed is a large item which will be covered by two doors. For a double bed then you will need a cabinet 1500mm wide which means two 750mm wide doors of around 2000mm height.
  • Where do the doors go when the bed is in use? The straightforward option is just open the doors to 90 degrees and use the bed. That works but it is not particularly elegant.
  • Sliding doors are a solution and can be used with dual purpose. They slide out of the way when the bed is pulled down and in this position the doors can also cover your shelves if you decide to have shelf units either side. Your room planning then needs to factor in two 750mm wide bookcases either side of the wallbed.
  • If you want hinged doors we recommend that you select the bifold door option. This divides the left and right doors into two leaves that fold back on themselves. So in the case of a double bed the folded down width of each door becomes about 350mm.
  • Next Bed Modern Wall Bed Mechanism

    We have compiled a table of sizes to help design cabinetry for the Next Bed mechanism.

    The table shows the minimum dimensions needed inside the cabinet to fit the wallbed mechanism, the external size of the resulting cabinet and the possible door arrangements with door widths.

    These are the minimum sizes and of course you can create larger cabinets. For example in the case of the Double size Next Bed the minimum cabinet height required is 2096mm and as many UK homes have a floor to ceiling measurment of 2400mm this means there is scope to extend the height by 300mm which would be a valuable space to keep bedding etc.

    NextBed frameInside heightInside widthInside depthExternal heightExternal widthExternal depthBed depth when openedOption Hinged:
    Number hinged doors
    Option Sliding:
    Number sliding doors
    Single206011004102078113641020202 (568mm) or 4 bifold (284mm)1 (1136mm) or 2 (568mm)
    Double206014904102078152641020202 (763mm) or 4 bifold (382mm)2 (763mm)
    King219016404102226167641021204 bifold (419mm)2 (838mm)

    Note: with sliding doors there will be additional space required to the left or right of the cabinet for the doors to slide to. This space will measure the same as the door width. This space could be another cabinet that the sliding door can slide in front of.

    Cabinetry for Next Bed

    We have created a number of cabinetry designs for Next Bed mechanisms. Use these as a starting point and then choose your favourite material from our range of over 100 different finishes. You can also adjust sizes to get a perfect fit in your room and in addition if you want drawers or matching bedside cabinets you can design these online in our Cabinet Designer tool.

    What is included in the cabinet kit?

    Not the Next Bed mechanism, but everything else. The material is high quality with edgings designed for commercial use. Hinges and sliding door mechanisms are also commercial quality. All screws, dowels, hinges are included and all pre-drilling is done so construction is an assembly task rather than a carpentry task. And if you want special bespoke features such as internal lighting then let us know and we can add the parts to the quote as well as doing any drilling or other preparation needed for the cabinetry.

    Next bed cabinet with sliding doors
    Single Next Bed cabinet with hinged doors
    Next bed cabinet with sliding doors
    Next bed cabinet with hinged doors
    Double Next Bed with bifolding hinged doors and a shelving unit each side for the doors to stow to