Here are a selection of customer comments that we think are illuminating and highlight the uniqueness of the service we offer.
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"Thank you so much once again for helping me through the whole process. What seemed like a very daunting task, actually became a fun project"

"We needed to find some fitted wardrobes for our 3rd bedroom that could accommodate a sloping ceiling from front to back. The Fortschritt website was easy to use and allowed me to specify the angle of the slope. When I ordered the units I requested an extra 40mm height on the end panel which allowed me to fit them exactly up to the ceiling which looks perfect. I achieved this by marking the end panel and using an electric planer to take off 2mm at a time until it was almost right. I then took off 1mm at a time until it fitted allowing a 3mm gap for expansion. I will fill the small gap against the wall with decorator's caulk. The fitting of the wardrobe took time but then I find that it is satisfying to do a good job and my wife is very pleased."
"First of all, I was most impressed by the amazing extent of the help that was available from you by phone and email. This, combined with the superlative accuracy of the machining that was evident in the delivered items, made your service quite superb. Also, the total accuracy of the numbers of all the fixings that accompanied the panels was very impressive - not sure how you achieve this, but whatever the method, it works! The number of dowels supplied was very generous - one bag would have sufficed! The actual delivery was very good too. Even though the panels were unpackaged (saving on disposal hassle), there was zero damage, blemish, etc. When it came to assembly, it was all very straightforward - although I suppose I think of myself as a very experienced DIY-er. Your instructions were very helpful. The only areas that caused some head-scratching were (a) the fixing of the drawer fronts and (b) the Blum drawer runners. (a) Regarding the drawer fronts (and I'm probably being obtuse here), while I can see how the bolts and nylon components fasten the front to the drawer box, deciding where to drill the holes for the bolts was difficult. In the end, I just used 30mm screws rather than the proper fittings (but see below*). The 44mm dimension shown on the diagram, between the bottom of the drawer front and the bottom of the drawer box, had to be ignored, if the pre-drilled system holes were used - as the drawer front ended up too low. (b) In the case of the runners, the Blum instruction diagrams were rather daunting and only helpful to a point (notably regarding the fixing of the long aluminium tubes and associated grey spindles). But they could mostly be ignored and in practice one just relied on the pre-drilled holes in the carcassing plus a bit of trial and error. In particular, fixing the runner marginally (one hole) too far back results in the locking mechanism not working! I very much like the 'special detail' that you suggested, whereby the drawers are set slightly back from the front line of the carcass - very smart."
As a chartered civil engineer for a day job used to specifying projects, I was impressed with the Fortschritt website both in richness of the customisation possible and how well my bespoke requirements were executed.
I'll go as far as to say the gap between specification and what was delivered was the best I've ever experienced even in with my professional life.
[one year later, onto the next project]
Thank you for your excellent service last year and hope this one goes well too. We are enjoying our new kitchen.