We are the Robots

It's automation all the way

Hand finishing has a nice association to it but with fitted furniture manufacture the best results are obtained with the maximum of automation.

There are two main reasons why automation is needed:

  • Materials. The materials used such as high gloss laminates are designed to be processed with machines
  • Precision. Furniture design and performance is orientated around precision


The main material used for fitted furniture is Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC). This material hits the sweetspot for aesthetics, performance and cost. However it is aimed for professional processing as it is manufactured in large sheet sizes (2.8m x 2m) and the melamine surface can chip if not cut correctly.


The man-made materials used in fitted furniture don't move (much) and people expect designs created today to have doors and drawers to line up perfectly.

Handless drawers using Blum TIPON Blumotion runners