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  • Materials

    Below is a swatch list showing the range of finishes we can manufacture your design in.

  • MDF 18mm
  • Birch Ply
  • White
  • White Primed
  • Walnut
  • Oak Light
  • MDF 22mm
  • MDF 25mm
  • MDF 30mm
  • Platinum White W980SM
  • Red U321ST15
  • Stone Grey U727 ST9
  • Quartz Cubanit F488ST2
  • Brushed Aluminium F501ST2
  • Aluminium F509ST2
  • Graphite Grey U961ST2
  • Mussel U100ST9
  • Vanilla Yellow U108ST9
  • Saffron Yellow U2644
  • Sand Beige U156ST9
  • Magnolia U215ST9
  • Burgundy U311ST9
  • Delft Blue U525ST9
  • Denim U540ST9
  • Pistachio Green U608ST9
  • Light Grey U708ST9
  • Dakar U717ST9
  • Dust Grey U732ST9
  • Pebble Grey U201ST9
  • Lava U741ST9
  • Pearl Grey U763ST9
  • Silver Grey U765ST9
  • Brown Grey U795ST9
  • Porcelain White W1200ST9
  • Crema U222ST9
  • Hollowcore MDF 50mm
  • Beige Linen F425ST10
  • Natural Bardolino Oak H1145ST10
  • Grey Bardolino Oak H1146ST10
  • Truffle Bardolino Oak H1158ST10
  • Sand Beige Provincial Elm H1725ST10
  • Natural Hamilton Oak H3303ST10
  • Grey Nebraska Oak H3332ST10
  • Natural Pacific Walnut H3700ST10
  • Tobacco Pacific Walnut H3702ST10
  • Oak
  • Oak Dark
  • Black Brown Sorano Oak H1137ST12
  • Light Calais Oak H1319ST12
  • Natural Helena Oak H1342ST12
  • Winchester Oak H1381ST12
  • Beech
  • Cherry
  • Bavarian Beech H1511ST15
  • Maple H1521ST15
  • Ellmau Beech H1582ST15
  • Natural Aida Walnut H3703ST15
  • Tobacco Aida Walnut H3704ST15
  • Sand Lyon Ash H1298ST22
  • Natural Aragon Oak H1372ST22
  • White Avola H1474ST22
  • Champagne Avola H1476ST22
  • Green Grey Avola H1477ST22
  • Truffle Brown Avola H1478ST22
  • Brown Grey Avola H1484ST22
  • Sand Zebrano H3006ST22
  • Coco Bolo H3012ST22
  • Mali Wenge H3058ST22
  • White Havana Pine H3078ST22
  • Black Havana Pine H3081ST22
  • Amazonas H3082ST22
  • Shorewood H3090ST22
  • Dark Iberian Olive H3031 ST9
  • Light Lakeland Acacia H1277ST9
  • Light Sorano Oak H1334ST9
  • Verona Cherry H1615ST9
  • Grey Brown Toronto Walnut H1713ST9
  • Mainau Birch H1733ST9
  • Natural Canadian Maple H1869ST9
  • Natural Lancaster Oak H3368ST9
  • Light Winchester Oak H3382ST9
  • Natural Dijon Walnut H3734ST9
  • Natural Mandal Maple H3840ST9
  • Birch Ply 24mm
  • Melamine Birch Ply 18mm
  • Melamine Birch Ply 24mm
  • Mussel U100ST27
  • Light Grey U708ST27
  • Maple
  • Tobacco Halifax Oak H1181ST37
  • White Halifax Oak H1176 ST37
  • Maple Veneer
  • Oak Veneer
  • Oak Veneer 26mm
  • Cherry Veneer
  • Ash Veneer
  • Walnut Veneer
  • Cashmere Grey U702 Perfect Gloss
  • Light Grey U708 Perfect Gloss
  • Dust Grey U732 Perfect Gloss
  • Pearl Grey U763 Perfect Gloss
  • Graphite Grey U961 Perfect Gloss
  • Black U999 Perfect Gloss
  • Premium White W1000 Perfect Gloss
  • Alpine White W1100 Perfect Gloss
  • Stone Grey U727 Perfect Gloss
  • Alabaster U104 ST9
  • Alabaster U104 Perfect Matt
  • Alabaster U104 ST27
  • Crema U222 Perfect Matt
  • Stone Grey U727 Perfect Matt
  • Light Grey U708 Perfect Matt
  • Dust Grey U732 Perfect Matt
  • Graphite Grey U961 Perfect Matt
  • Black U999 Perfect Matt
  • Premium White W1000 Perfect Matt
  • Alpine White W1100 Perfect Matt
  • Cashmere Grey U702 Perfect Matt
  • Paint-Semi Matt
  • Gloss White Acrylic
  • Paint-High Gloss
  • Cedar of Lebanon

  • Here is a selection of photos from previous projects showing the kind of fittings and materials we use.

    Birch Ply drawer with Blum STANDARD drawer runner
    Hardware kit used when Blum Movento drawer runners are specified. The drawer box is connected with metal cam and dowels and wooden dowels and the drawer runner locates to the underside of the drawer box
    Blum Movento drawer runner underside. The orange clip fastens the runner to the drawer box. Pressing on the orange button releases the drawer, making it easy to take out for cleaning for example.
    Features of Blum Movento TIP-ON Blumotion drawers comprise i)full extension ii)handle-less push to open action (also available in a conventional handle variant) iii) slow closing Blumotion action iv) runner locates underneath drawer box making for elegant floating drawer aesthetics
    This hinge has integrated Blumotion slow closing action that can be switched on and off using the small grey switch. The hinge boss is the INSERTA variant which we use whenever possible as the hinge can be fitted without screws
    This cabinetry lighting set comprises two illuminated wardrobe rails powered by a 12v transformer and switched by two motion activated sensors
    The Italian made Cinetto PS10 sliding door system is idle for large sliding doors of around a metre wide. The system comprises aluminium profile top and bottom tracks together with steel brackets with rollers to hang the doors. Each door has a softspace device to provide slow closing action
    An inset hinge with switchable Blumotion slow closing action
    Light grey cabinet with shelves resting on 5mm shelf studs, two hanging rails for double short hanging behind doors hinged with Blum INSERTA Blumotion hinges
    A pocket hole screw in the back rail of this cabinet fastens to the side panel meaning there are no visible fixings
    Rafix connecting bolt in Birch Ply cabinet
    The Rafix connector has a cam element that fastens onto a connecting bolt
    Rafix connectors need a 20mm diameter hole bored 9.5mm from the panel edge
    Wide angle hinges are useful when generous access is needed or when there are internal drawers behind doors
    Wide angle hinges on white cabinet
    This bathroom cabinet in Egger Dark Cordoba Olive MFC features inset doors to give a framed-in appearance
    This bathroom cabinet is designed to be tiled into a bathroom wall
    These handle cut outs were done on a CNC machine; a process that's possible with birch ply and MDF
    Farrow and Ball Cooks Blue doors on Egger W1000 carcass
    The Farrow and Ball Ovalroom Blue paint in semi-matt finish presents a pleasing contrast against Egger Walnut MFC
    Farrow & Ball Ovalroom Blue painted knob on Dark Cordoba Olive MFC
    Cabinetry comprising Cherry veneered MDF drawer fronts on Birch Ply carcass. The order is on a pallet before wrapping has started