Measure - Manage - Master

Bespoke furniture as easy as 1-2-3 ?

Not really.

As with many novel things worth doing in life, a fitted furniture project is not a linear process. In reality 1 - 2 - 3 is more like 1 - 2 - 1a - 1b - 2a - 3 as knowledge (materials, construction methods) is acquired and realities (space, cost, spouse approval) are confronted and resolved.

But companies do have ways of doing things, their ethos, and boiling it down to three steps ours is : Measure - Manage - Master


You need to take measurements and we recommend you start with some rough measurements and get them into the design tools as soon as possible. Why? As soon as you see a set of cabinetry being generated by the design tools you can then evaluate design options. We have several guides covering the measurements required. Worried about getting the measurements wrong? It’s a common question we get but the above guides have a few tips


This part of the process is about evaluating the design options. Using our system you don’t need to worry about how parts of a design are manufactured (well unless you want to get into that detail), or how much material is used. It is about purely evaluating how the cabinetry fulfills your storage needs. And it is about cost. Designing goes hand in hand with budget management and all our design tools generate cost information at every stage. If something is measured (in this case the parameters being space in millimetres and cost in GBP) then it can be managed.


Details are what makes a project great. This could be the first time you have got hands-on with a fitted furniture project but that is no barrier to mastering the detail. That detail could be scribing cabinetry to get a fully fitted flush finish or it could be fine tuning a Blum Movento drawer system to give just the right amount of opening speed. With all the preparation we make to the components of your project to ensure they work together, we put you in the position to achieve a high-end outcome.