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Ad hoc panels

Ad hoc panels are extra panels you can order to help complete your project. Specify the material and dimensions and we will include them in the processing list for your order. If the material is one that you are already using in your cabinets and the quantity is small then the incremental cost will be minimal. If we need to use additional boards to satisfy the material demand of the ad hoc panels then there will be a price jump.

With most materials the finished visible edge will need edging. e.g the front edge of a shelf should be edged whereas the sides and back will not need edging. We term the front edge 'L1', the back 'L2' and the two edges at 90 degrees 'W1' and 'W2'. So a shelf would have edging on L1 whereas a panel to be used as a door would have all edges edged and be designated L1L2W1W2. A shorthand that can be used for 'L1L2W1W2' is 'EAR' which stands for 'Edged All Round'


Please include any additional specifications or comments:

Comments from Fortschritt Bespoke Cabinetry:

How to use

The Cabinet Combiner shows the cabinets in your order and allows you to move them around to see how they fit together to achieve your design.

An X, Y, Z coordinate system is used whereby X moves left to right, Y moves up/down (0 can be considered floor level) and Z is the position of the back of the cabinet. The first cabinet will be positioned at X,Y,Z being 0,0,0 which corresponds to the bottom back left of the cabinet. Red dotted lines show the zero points and axes.

Use the 'eye' option to choose the type of drawing projection. Note that the Z position can only be manipulated in the Plan projection as the Isometric projection by its nature has an ambiguity between X and Z.

The Z Order (determines which cabinet is drawn in front of another) can be adjusted by double clicking a cabinet to bring it to the front.

Use the 'save cabinet postions' option to persist your positions.

Draw Group A

Draw Group B

Draw Group C

Draw Group D

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