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  • If you have the inclination to install your own fitted wardrobes and you care about details and quality then we have the solution for you:
  • We manufacture a kit of parts based on the designs you create in our Cabinet Designer and Cabinet Planner tools
  • You can choose from a wide range of materials. Some of the materials such as high gloss acrylic laminates can only be processed in a factory like ours so if you want these kind of materials with a high level of finish then we are the best solution for getting these materials for your project
  • We can address bespoke features like cutting apertures for plug sockets. This can be a huge time saver and once again the finish will be excellent
  • We use only the best fittings available. For example we offer Blum Movento drawer runner systems. Items like these are engineering marvels in their own right and offer a level of performance, adjustability that are far beyond what wardrobe manufacturers offer in fitted furniture

  • So in summary if you are looking to undertake a self-install wardrobe project, using the highest quality materials and you want to make best use of your time then we have created our service for you.