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    Why have our customers chosen us?

    This piece is written in the past tense because it intends to explain the thinking of some of our previous customers.

    Quality and specification control

    To begin with our customers are looking for projects that they can enjoy intellectually and most often also practically.

    They may have had fitted furniture supplied and installed by other companies in the past and whilst happy with the overall result the experience had left them a little cold.
    This is because companies naturally need to complete work quickly to be profitable but nonetheless if for example an installer avoids drilling a pilot hole to save a minute or two and the result is still just okay, at the end of the day this is your home and from your perspective you want care and attention applied!

    To get out-performance care and attention you either need to get it written into a specification (which you will probably need to pay for) or you do the installation yourself. The latter has led many people to us.

    Material finishes

    Many of our customers are seeking a high level of finish. Some materials such as high gloss acrylic laminates realistically can be only processed in a factory with the necessary production-grade machinery. This will be beyond the capability of a site based carpenter and we're probably the most affordable way of getting these high end materials prepared for self-install.