is a service from Ambisaw Ltd. Ambisaw supplies web technology to the panel product processing industry and our systems have been used to process thousands of orders.

We’ve used our technology to make ordering custom size cabinets and wardrobes over the Internet as quick and easy as possible.

When you design your cabinets online we do all the work to drive computer controlled cutting machinery to give you exactly what you asked for to within a 0.1mm accuracy. Our aim is to give you a comprehensive set of parts to build your cabinets with confidence and pleasure!

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Frequently asked questions
I need custom sized wardrobes – will you website enable me to order these?
Yes. Use the Cabinet Designer at

What are the costs?
When you enter dimensions and materials into the Cabinet Designer the cost is automatically calculated

Are there any hidden extras?

The costs produced by the Cabinet Designer are inclusive of all hardware and fittings needed. VAT and delivery is added to the order total.

In Summary:
What do you do?
Our online Cabinet Designer enables you to enter a design and gives you a quote to manufacture that design in your chosen material.
If you go ahead with the quote we use advanced computer controlled machinery to cut, edge and drill the components for your design.
We send out the kit of parts for you to build.

What don’t you do?

Do you have a showroom?
We don’t have any retail premises but instead we use a number of industrial premises to create your designs.

Do you offer any discounts or do have sales?
Everything we do is built to order from the designs you create – all cabinets are genuinely unique. Therefore we don’t buy in cabinets from anybody else and there is no stock so no opportunity to have a sale of any kind.
If you have a large order – something like six cabinets and more – sometimes this leads to better utilisation (less wastage) of the raw material we use to fulfil your order. In this instance we pass on an ‘Optimisation Benefit’, the exact value of which depends on the nature of the design.