Wardrobes in older houses often need to work around a chimney breast. Sometimes the alcoves formed by the chimney breast can be used to fit shelves but if the chimney breast is not very deep then that’s not a lot of storage potential. Here we build a generous sized wardrobe around the chimney breast.

Chimney Breast

Our wardrobe will be built around this chimney breast. The leftmost and rightmost cabinets have already been placed on the plinth. The newspaper is to prevent possible draughts blowing dust up through the gaps in the floorboards.

Wardrobe Overview

Large wardrobe totally absorbing chimney breast. The chimney breast is behind doors 3 and 4 counting from the left.

bedroom wardrobe design

Bedroom wardrobe design

Our design is made up of five separate cabinets which are bolted together to form one seamless unit. Each cabinet can be designed with DIY Wardrobes, added to you order, assembled individually then bolted together.
The trick with the chimney breast is to hide it behind a shallow cabinet. The overall design in 500mm deep but the cabinet in front of the chimney breast is 150mm deep. Such a shallow cabinet is useful in a bedroom for storing toiletries and so on.
And since the cabinet is 2000mm high and 500mm wide that’s space for a lot of toiletries!

The photo at the top of the page shows the chimney breast and some of the cabinets in position. The skirting board was removed newspaper taped down to stop any dust carrying draughts. A plinth was assembled to level the floor and the five cabinets installed on top of this plinth.

Bedroom wardrobe cabinets before doors added

Bedroom wardrobe cabinets before doors added

Here you can see the cabinets in position and various items test fitted in the cabinet. The chimney breast is totally covered by a shallow cabinet. The drawer unit to the right is before the drawer faces are added.

Bedroom Wardrobe Doors Open

Bedroom wardrobe with doors fitted and in open position

Doors and drawer faces now fitted.

Bedroom wardrobe end unit doors and drawers

Drawers End Open

Bedroom wardrobe end unit doors and drawers – open view

Bedroom wardrobe Side View

Bedroom wardrobe end on view. Blum TIP-ON fittings were used for a handle-less design

This design was created online using the design tools at www.diywardrobes.co.uk, cut to size using computer controlled machinery then delivered to the homeowner’s house. We provide a price for offering this total service.

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