A customer kindly sent in this time-lapse video showing how they installed their walk-in wardrobe.

Here is a screenshot of the design the customer did from the www.diywardrobes.co.uk website:

Walk-in wardrobe

Walk-in wardrobe

And here is the video of it being installed:

Time lapse of conversion of bedroom into walk-in wardrobe

As with any bespoke project 80% of the time is taken on 20% of the project and the rest flies!

There were two things to contend with:

– A socket cutout needed to be made in one of the units for a plug socket. Since the cabinet backs are made from 18mm thick material there is no risk of comprising the structural integrity. (If you know where socket cutouts are needed ahead of time we can cut these cost for you in the factory)

– When the customer measured up there was some skirting board unaccounted for which meant one of the cabinetry runs was 60mm too wide. The customer dealt with this be cutting the top/bottom/back of one of the cabinet and all was good.

It’s good to be prepared for the unforeseen but rest assured with our system there is always a solution! In this case the customer dealt with it in their stride but if need be we are always available to help with a solution.