Floor to ceiling built-in wardrobes

Floor to ceiling wardrobe built up of two cabinets

Floor to ceiling wardrobe built up of two cabinets

Floor to ceiling built-in wardrobes make the most of a space and can add value to your home if fitted well. When designing a unit this tall it’s often a good idea to build it up from smaller cabinets. The image above was generated by our online design tool and shows a 2400mm (2.4metre) wardrobe made up from a 1600mm high cabinet and an 800mm high cabinet stacked on top. There’s a couple of important advantages doing it this way.

  • Easier to build. Manoeuvring a 2400mm high cabinet and its components is tricky, especially without a helper. It can be a sure fire way to put dings in your ceiling as you rotate it into position! A floor to ceiling cabinet 800mm wide will weigh in at something like 200Kg. Building two smaller cabinets is much more manageable.
  • Easier to use. Dividing a tall wardrobe into the classic two/thirds one/thirds proportion as above gives you a nice large cabinet for daily use at a convenient reach and a smaller top cabinet for less frequently accessed items like bedding.

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