The DIY Wardrobes Project Excitement Curve

Designing and building your own fitted furniture is an exciting and intellectually engaging process – well it is in our world!
The sequence of steps we describe as ‘straightforward’ rather than ‘easy’ as let’s face it any endeavour that produces a significant result will always throw up challenges. At DIY Wardrobes we have done everything we can to make no challenge insurmountable. Based on the experiences of hundreds of customer projects we can share with you this ‘excitement curve’ of what you might experience.

DIY Wardrobes Project Excitement Curve

The curve has sixteen stages:
1 Need identified. You need fitted furniture and have an inkling you’d like to be hands on if that was an option. Over to you.
2 I’ve found the DIY Wardrobes website! Yes this could work.
3 Uh oh, how do I get started. I’ll browse previous projects and try putting some numbers in the Cabinet Designer.
4 I’m getting the hang of this.
5 Yes, it’s definitely working. I’m going to make a few changes here and there with materials to adjust the budget.
6 Yep, I’ve created a design I’m happy with. I’m going to mull it over for a day or two.
7 Let’s go! Time to pay and commit to making this project happen.
8 Delivery day. There are so many pieces! How can there be so many? And they are heavy. I’m exhausted already!
9 I can see a chipboard core. Have I done the right thing?
10 Actually the show faces of the material look nice. Really nice. This edge banding stuff is thick. In fact comparing with other cabinetry in my house the quality is in a different league.
11 First screw driven. Ok, that wasn’t too bad.
12 First Cabinet assembled. This is looking good.
13 I love these hinges and drawer runners, really top notch engineering.
14 Smooth opening doors and everything lines up perfectly. Wow!
15 I’m really enjoying the detail and becoming a perfectionist which is funny because I’ve always thought of myself as an ideas person rather than a perfectionist!
16 Project complete!

For the person who enjoys thinking through the detail and is prepared to work methodically DIY Wardrobes is the solution even if you don’t build things regularly or did so just once in the dim and distant past.
Based on hundreds of previous projects we can assure you that the experience will be net positive, worthwhile and unique.

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