Free standing Birch Ply wardrobes

With this wardrobe project the customer wanted to use their own choice of feet. This essentially creates a free standing set of wardrobes but dimensioned to fit exactly in the alcove space. When undertaking something like this, ensure you leave enough space either side.

For handles we have drilled 35mm diameter holes to create finger pulls. The doors and drawer faces are inset in the carcass to highlight the laminations of the Birch Ply edges.

Birch Ply Wardrobe

The Birch Ply aesthetic with visible laminations on the edge is popular and this project highlights the aesthetic to the full.

The installation comprises five separate units bolted together and where they join we get a double thickness that conveys of a re-assuring sense of solidity.

Each cabinet has ‘inset’ frontages so rather than the door or drawer faces covering the cabinet sides/top/bottom edges it is situated within the cabinet edges.

For handles we routed rectangular cutouts which is a process we can do with Birch Ply or MDF.

Denim blue walk-in wardrobe

Anna in Guildford designed this 890kg contemporary walk-in wardrobe. It features Winchester Oak carcasses from Egger (H1381 ST11) and Denim Blue (U540 ST9) frontages.

It comprises of 9 separate cabinets.