Assembling a rigid small cabinet using dowels and glue

The recommended method for assembling our cabinetry is dowels and screws. We pre-drill the dowel holes in the factory so the cabinetry can be put together fast and cleanly.

Sometimes when the application requires invisible fixings and the outsides of the cabinets will be show faces then using glue is an option.

This works well for small cabinets as whenever you work with glue you need to be fast and be able to work cleanly.

Mirrored bathroom cupboard in white MFC

Mirrored bathroom unit

The mirror is bonded to the door with mirror adhesive.

mirrored cabinet

You notice that the mirror is a tick smaller than the door so there are no sharp edges to catch.

If you are within the M25, we can arrange sourcing of the mirror as well as the bonding to the door.

If you’re further afield or you’d like to do the job yourself, bring your door into a local glazier for them to cut mirror glass to size. Either ask them to bond the mirror or acquire some mirror adhesive:

Birch Ply Wardrobe

The Birch Ply aesthetic with visible laminations on the edge is popular and this project highlights the aesthetic to the full.

The installation comprises five separate units bolted together and where they join we get a double thickness that conveys of a re-assuring sense of solidity.

Each cabinet has ‘inset’ frontages so rather than the door or drawer faces covering the cabinet sides/top/bottom edges it is situated within the cabinet edges.

For handles we routed rectangular cutouts which is a process we can do with Birch Ply or MDF.

Spray painted kitchen cupboards with oversailed doors

In this project the doors for the wall-hung kitchen units were designed with oversailed doors.

Oversailing means the doors are longer than the carcass. The usual reason to oversail the door is to create a finger pull area on a wall mounted cabinet.
Oversailing door with aluminium profile

A lighting strip has been fitted to the underneath of the cabinet and to finish it off neatly an aluminium profile hides the cables.

Door longer than carcass

Taller door than carcass

Oversailing  can also be used at the top of the door to hide something.

In this kitchen unit there is a steel beam and the oversailed door has a cutout.

Cut-out to allow for steel beam

Farrow & Ball semi-matt lacquer finish for cabinetry

When you choose ‘paint semi-matt’ or ‘paint high gloss’ in the Cabinet Designer tool on our website we will spray your design in any colour you like. Two of the most popular colour ranges are Farrow & Ball and Fired Earth. We can also paint in any RAL colour. Just give us the paint name or RAL code and we’ll do the rest.

Here is a kitchen cabinet with Farrow & Ball ‘Cooks Blue’ frontages and a carcass in Egger W1000 Premium White.

Cooks Blue door
Cooks blue close upCooks Blue

Typically when you are looking for a painted finish we recommend paint for the frontages only and melamine for the carcasses. This combination gives you a hardwearing carcass and the colour to match your decor plus the economics are good.

Paint finishes are more labour intensive which is reflected in the costs. A semi-matt finish is relatively straightforward involving several coats with drying time in-between. High gloss is more intensive with a cutting back and polish process required between coats.

In both cases the finished result is extremely high quality.

Dust Grey MFC corner unit with sliding doors

This project required an unusual design to fit in an Oxfordshire cottage. Using Mike designed a corner unit with sliding doors.
Material used: Egger’s Dust Grey (U732) MFC

Dust Grey corner unit with sliding doors

The project consists of 3 separate cabinets. The corner unit with doors houses a curved 30x15mm plated steel hanging rail for shirts and other short items that require hanging. The cabinets left and right of the corner unit hide shelves and drawers behind the sliding doors.

Birch Ply chest of drawers

BIrch Ply chest of drawers

BIrch Ply chest of drawers

BIrch Ply chest of drawers - open

BIrch Ply chest of drawers – open

Birch Ply is a popular material choice and it is used to good effect in this design by Simon in Ilkley:

– inset drawer faces so that the laminations of the Birch Ply on the carcass edges can be seen
– routed finger pull details mean no further handle is required
– full extension drawer runners ensure that drawer contents can be accessed easily – no bending down needed to see what is at the back of the drawer!
– 12mm thick drawer boxes and 18mm thick carcass make this chest of drawers incredibly strong

Birch Ply drawer - routed handle detail

Birch Ply drawer – routed handle detail

Note that this unit was designed to integrate into a wall unit so rather than a solid top ‘rails’ are used. We shipped it out with scribe pieces all the way round to enable a perfectly flush install.

Stylish Bedroom with gloss white cabinet and custom made curved desk

Caroline in Oxfordshire designed this stylish bedroom with high-gloss, mirror cabinet and custom made desk.

High gloss floor to ceiling cabinet with mirrors

High gloss floor to ceiling cabinet with mirrors

The high-gloss, floor to ceiling cabinets fits beautifully into this bedroom with sloped ceilings. To follow the slope of the ceiling the cabinets are angled in depth dimension using our Cabinet Designer online design tool. To create angled cabinetry like this you can use our template cabinet and then customise.

Build in progress - Interior with rails, shelves and angled back

Build in progress – Interior with rails, shelves and angled back

The cabinet’s interior consists of 4 white MFC carcasses, which are built individually – this makes the build easier and the wardrobe much stronger. Once the carcasses are built, they are shuffled into position and joined to each other using 30mm long wood screws.

Scribe pieces are supplied to hide the gaps between wall and cabinet side (see Gaps – Scribe pieces). Caroline chose to have 3 carcasses with hanging rails and one narrower carcass with shelves.

The curved custom made desk is high-gloss as well. It’s generally not advised to use high-gloss on horizontal surfaces as dust settles on it, but if you are a clean person, you are a clean person. This is just one rule, and rules are there to be broken.

Build in progress

Build in progress

High gloss curved desk with sideboard

High gloss curved desk with sideboard

The Blum Movento drawers and Blum Motion doors on the sideboard are all Slow-Closing (see Slow-Closing). For her made-to-measure desk Caroline specified the curved profile. This was machined by a flatbed CNC in our workshop. We supplied a stainless steel cable outlet and a stainless steel desk leg to finish off the stylish desk.

To make the mirrored doors we provided 15mm thick white primed MDF blanks. These were taken to a local glazier and 4mm mirror glass was bonded to it. The end result was a custom size mirrored doors ready hinged in a thickness that matched the 19mm thick gloss doors.


Finished mirror cabinet


Finished mirror cabinet

Fully furnished bedroom

Fully furnished bedroom

Fully furnished bedroom

Fully furnished bedroom

Primed mdf book cases – Dining room

Sara, Croxley Green, designed these book cases as 4 carcasses – rather than 2, which would span the whole width of each alcove – as they need to carry many large and heavy books. Shelves were added at the required height.

Sara dining room

The height of the plinths match the height of the skirting board around it.