Cabinet Designer

This is a short textual description of your cabinet that will also appear in the order list when the cabinet is added to your order.

Ad hoc panels are additional panels in the same material as the carcass that you can add to complete a design. For example this could be a particular sized filler piece to cover a socket.

The Cabinet Designer is used to change materials, sizes and features for each cabinet in your design.

You can see and edit the various parameters by pressing the edit button above.

As a starting point you may want to choose one of the template cabinets (two door wardrobe or chest of drawers etc).

While developing your design, the price is constantly updated above so you can see the effect of selecting different material and feature choices.

You can view your design in different ways (3D, elevation, plan, textured, wireframe etc) by using the view controls. When working on internal features such as shelf spacing you may want to use the 'Hide frontages' option in the view controls to see the cabinet without doors/drawer faces.

To add your design to your order for quoting press the export/share button.

Once added to your order you can continue editing your design and refine it over a period of time if you wish.

You can also use the share facility to print the design, send it to someone (or yourself) for review or save it on Pinterest. Indeed you can use Pinterest to save various versions of a design and then subsequently reload and edit a design from your Pinterest board.

If you need help creating your design, please take it as far as you can, add it to an order and follow the process to get an order number. Then email or phone us and we can edit your design for you or talk you through it.

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