Quoting tips


Do say: I need a wardrobe with hinged doors 3000mm wide, floor to ceiling so 2440mm tall and 600mm deep to use as hanging space

Don’t say: I need a wardrobe with a top panel 3000mm long, two side panels 2440mm high and 600mm. I need some dividers inside.

Rationale: Say what you need (storage of these dimensions) rather than how you think it should be implemented.

Use of premium materials

High gloss and ‘Perfect Matt’ are premium materials that look great. However as they cost significantly more, they should be used judiciously. Usually this means specifying your designs with the premium material for the frontages (doors and drawer faces) and then choose a regular material (e.g. white or Oak melamine) for the cabinet carcass.

Optimising material usage

Don’t try to optimise material usage, leave that to us! Sometimes we get requests for something like a 2metre wide wardrobe with a divider in the middle and four doors. Usually this would be best implemented as two 1metre wide cabinets. The customer’s original request was motivated by the desire to save on the double thickness created where the two cabinets would join.