Who we work with

We work with a wide range of customers

Trade or retail, it doesn't matter to us. In fact a 'retail' customer who may be a doctor in their day job can be easier to work with than a 'trade' customer such as a builder who is in too much of a hurry to read documentation!

Trade is an all encompassing term though and we have worked with installation teams that can assemble hundreds of kilograms of cabinetry per day and it is hard to deliver the material fast enough to them.

Broadly we have aimed our service at the individual and that individual may be a private homeowner or an Architect specifying cabinetry for a large installation. For us it starts with the ideas of that individual, we provide the tools to formalise those ideas and then the automation comes in to realise those ideas as a single cabinet or hundreds of cabinets.


Many homeowners are looking to get a bit more hands-on with their fitted furniture.


We love working with Architects. We find Architects are very good at formulating an overall plan of how the cabinetry should work in a space and that they also enjoy the detail of for example hinge choice to give extended door opening angles. With the former they are obviously the professionals and with the latter we provide the resources.


There are a wide range of builders from individuals moving a wall to fit-out companies who deploy an army of people to get in and out as quickly as possible whilst doing a professional job.

For us that means they have a range of expectations.

A builder looking for a solution one step up from a wardrobe rail between two walls may well find a bespoke solution too expensive for the job in hand.

For the fit-out company we can supply bespoke furniture that doesn't need to go through their workshop and the extensive preparation we do making sure all the parts fit together means that the job can be completed quickly. We have been astounded with the speed at which some of these companies can assemble and install cabinetry.

For the builders in between we can offer a good alternative to contracting the traditional fitted furniture companies. Because we transform the task of creating fitted furniture from a carpentry type types task into an assembly task, we are not relying on specialist skills to do a good job. Anyone prepared to work methodically is capable of assembling our cabinetry so a fitted furniture installation can be a good fee-earning adjunct to a builder's traditional work.

Master Craftsmen

We have several customers who are the best at what they do with furniture. Given a pile of wood they can create anything in their workshops. However sometimes they don't want to start from scratch on a project and want the basics taken care of and that's where we come in.

Fitted furniture can use a lot of material, requiring storage space and a lot of grunt work to get it in the workshop, processed and then delivered to site. We take care of this work (essentially what we might call carcassing) freeing up the Master Craftsman to concentrate on the parts of the project that the customer will notice such as fitting antique mirrors to doors, inlaying leather into desks and gilding door frames (these are all examples of how we have seen our cabinetry used).