Why choose us?

There are many ways to get fitted furniture so why choose us?

If you are interested in high quality results and you are interested in how you fit into the overall process of getting those results then we have the solution for you.

We are bespoke from scratch and our design tools make the process revolve around you. If you have requests and requirement we aim to include those as part of our flexible manufacturing process, not as a special.

Rather than being of a case of “us understanding your needs”, it is more like you using the design tools to capture your needs. We are not being unhelpful, far from it, start creating a design, send us the order number and let’s have a chat. But we set out to design a system where complex design can be created without the need to talk. Once again, we’d love to talk - if you want us to.

Many of our customers are looking to create DIY fitted wardrobes. We are unique in that we can supply the parts but also incorporate special requests to make fitting easier. For example if there are pipes in the installation location that need to be worked around we can create cutouts in the cabinetry. Or if it is easier to do at install time then we can supply a template created on one of our CNC machines.

Several of our customers have reported (see, we do talk with our customers) mild dis-satisfaction with previous fitted furniture projects from other vendors. While happy with the overall result there were a couple of things about the process that made them go hmmm. Whether that be the banality of the employees titled the designers or the excessive haste of the fitters, they found elements where they felt they themselves could have done better.

And no doubt you can do better. From our side, first we get the basics right. The quality of the material and processing is high. We don’t penny pinch with fittings, screws etc because our pricing model automatically passes the cost onto you anyway! The manufacturing is state of the art so for example you won’t be able to find issue with our edgebanding. Not gonna happen. If by some remote chance you were able to find issue then we would simply change how we did it. Monkey see, monkey do. The basics should be the basics and be done right.